Essence – An Original Artwork Created by Ruel James

The paraphernalia lay strewn on the coffee table as if by deliberation. A paintbrush entwined in a knot with the brush loose at both ends. A splash of color lay alongside it as if to amplify the effect. A glass of wine with some scarlet liquid spilled on the table top causes a narrow rivulet to emerge out of nowhere. A little bit of the wine lies spilled on a magazine lying on the table. The word BOLD can be seen embossed on the magazine cover with the beautiful faces of two women visible on it. The chaos of the coffee table seems to represent the constantly evolving, erratic chaos and diversity of the universe. A fleeting glance of the larger picture does not seem to reveal this at first but when you dig deeper and look at every item as an integral part of the larger picture, the painting itself starts revealing itself. Just like the universe, apparently it seems to be a random distribution of objects lying scattered on a surface. But just like the Supreme Creator, the artist’s clever plan is unveiled only when the viewer takes deeper interest in the state of affairs and analyses the objects independently with respect to their relation to the final outcome. On the surface, there seems to be no explanation to this world, its origin and life in general. Why we are given a life, why it is taken away from us? But as you dig deeper, the facts start unfolding themselves and the purpose is revealed. In between the distraction of surrounding noise and clutter, fixed determination and focus can penetrate to the core and bring clarity to existence.

I was overjoyed to the core when I finally arrived at the above conclusion. The original artwork exhibit had somehow captivated my attention and drawn me to it. I had to admit I was a bit of a novice to art galleries and exhibitions. But I could not let my apparent lack of prior exposure keep me back from venturing into a new front. Art always fascinated me but although I could not gather much sense out of it, I always had a penchant for it. The painting was called The Essence and it took me a while, but when I had finally decoded its inner meaning, I sensed an overwhelming feeling of achievement, as I had struck upon its true essence. Hours and hours of labor dedicated to the creation of this craft implied the artist had a deeper message to convey through the painting. And although it escaped me initially, when I finally did strike gold, it was brilliant to understand the meaning of art finally. It was expression through colors. It was a feeling of empowerment knowing one had a unique tool or gift to create microcosms of the greater macrocosm. It was almost like paying obeisance to the ultimate Creator and His Creation through art. Despite our apparent differences and inclinations in different directions, we are all tied up together by an invisible thread for achieving a common purpose. Beauty is evident in different forms, shapes, sizes and colors. And the artist takes a dip out of some of us and dash out of the other to paint a beautiful picture. A continuously growing picture in motion. That is the true essence of life.