John Lennon Painting

The inspiring character of John Lennon changed music differently. He was one of the most influential figures in the post-war era, whose music had a distinct political & humanitarian message that went on to change the world. Ruel James beautifully paints this masterpiece in tribute to the rich legacy left behind by the legend called John Lennon.  While we are all familiar with his legendary status, he was and will always be an icon in the history of music. 

Lennon’s first band was The Quarrymen. He was also with The Plastic Ono Band, The Silver Beetles, The Dirty Mac, and Johnny and The Moondogs.

John’s writing was first published in The Daily Howl, a local magazine. “A Spaniard in The Works” and “In His Own Write” was among two of his more acclaimed literary works.  John Lennon had many pseudo names.

Dr. Winston O’Boogie, Fred Gherkin, J. Rhythm, and Mel Torment were some of Lennon’s pseudo names while recording. It is said that John Lennon was the only non-vegetarian band member in The Beatles. Paul McCartney became vegetarian because of his wife: George Harrison became a vegetarian due to religious reasons. 

While driving, he fell into the ditch once and had 17 stitches on his face. He was never a decent driver. John Lennon always wanted to be a writer for kids’ storybooks once he retired from music, tragically that never occurred. Lennon loved cooking and regularly made lunches for all his team.

Lennon played Indians and cowboys as a child and wished that he could be an Indian. Sioux Chief Sitting Bull was his inspiration. He had dyslexia almost all of his life. When Lennon was 37 years old, he had written and drew a complete magazine entitled “Speed and sport illustrated” with portraits of soccer players.

Henri Matisse was one of John’s favorite painters. On the 6th of July, 1957, when John met with Paul McCartney in Woolton, he called Paul an “old estranged fiancé of mine” after the Beatles’ separation. 

Lennon was myopic but reluctant to wear his specs. He would wear contact lenses most of the time. When John Lennon was shooting for a movie, “How I won the war,” he was given a pair of glasses for this role. This was the infamous pair of “granny glasses.” that would go on to become an irreplaceable part of Lennon’s iconography. Who would have thought? Years after the death of John Lennon, it still feels so refreshing listening to the songs he made. His music although composed decades ahead of the present time still finds relevance in the contemporary day and age.

John Lennon, who wrote the award-winning single Give Peace a Chance, an anti-war anthem sung by protestors in Washington against the Vietnam War, contributed substantially as a peace right activist. Through his music and selfless charity, John has had a pronounced and lasting impact on the modern world.