Let’s Meet Artist Ruel James

World-renowned British artist RUEL JAMES was born in Jamaica, and then raised in London. During his early days in school, it was discovered that he had an incredible creative gift.  

His art teachers were amazed at his creative abilities.  At the age of nine, he could draw and sketch any images with perfection.   So, therefore, it was inevitable that he would go on to attend The Royal College of Art in London.  It was there that he received his training in sculpture.  As part of the training, the art students would practice by restoring some of the many sculpted works of art on the exterior walls of the aged buildings located throughout the center of London. 

After art school, Ruel began working for various creative art agencies in London.  He has created many ads for a number of products, some being “Mr. Clean”, “Nivia”, “Levi’s”, and “Perrier”.   He also illustrated several posters, which were very popular at that time.  One of the posters he designed was titled “Boys will be Boys”, and in the ’70s, it was the 2nd highest selling poster in Europe, and a television special was actually dedicated to the sale, success, and excitement of the “Boys will be Boys” poster. 

Being so extremely good at his craft, Ruel was sought out by several Art Agencies in London.  He was offered multiple contracts to travel to various countries for the purpose of working on creative projects. This enabled him the opportunity to travel and live short term in countries such as France, Belgium, Holland, Singapore, and Bahrain, and therefore, his name became well known throughout Europe.

After a successful art career in England and throughout Europe, Ruel decided to venture to the United States. He packed up and moved to New York City, Midtown Manhattan, in the East ’60s.  Shortly afterward, he was snatched up by the best design studio in Manhattan, Diamond Art Studio.  

Only the best of the best artists worked for Diamonds, and Diamonds had major New York accounts. Many of the jobs required “retouching”, which is correcting images before they actually go to print.  This was in the ’80s, which was before photoshop, and the retouching had to be done solely by hand. Ruel was a Master retoucher.  He retouched many advertisements, as well as several magazine covers; Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Elle, New York Magazine, and Gentleman’s Quarterly. Since then, retouching is no longer done by hand, as it has been replaced with photoshop.